Gov Aregbesola, Obanikoro and Nigerians. Are the citizens with their common senses ?

Aso Rock Media

Friday May 19th, 2017 was a memorable day on the faces of Osogbo citizens. We were all set for the weekly Jumu’ah prayer when suddenly, attentions were raised of the present of the else while Minister of State for Defense, Musiliu Obanikoro. Obanikoro had never observed Jumu’ah prayer in Osogbo Central Mosque since became famous.

His presence was never mixed with doubt except the resounding questions begging for answers from every individual in the mosque. The questions were ‘Just like that ? Is it practically possible ? Could this be dream ?

If you don’t know, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro was in Osogbo to celebrate Gov Aregbesola’s 60th year birthday.

Apart from the fact that Senator Obanikoro has not formally expressed his political belonging in the recent who ever think he could sit side by side in harmony with a man they have used Joint Force including Army, DSS and other security agencies to threaten his life toward Ekiti poll. The man they attempted shutting down the whole of Osun State in order to prevent his second term victory.

Our point of contributions are :

Aregbesola, Obanikoro reunion, advise common Nigerians on how they are being played.
Do you think Obanikoro is in harmonious romance with Tinubu’s camp ?
Can you foresee the next battle ?
Obanikoro for Senator in APC, anything good or bad ?


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