Biafra Remembrance Day: Kanu, Uwuazruike, Who is right ?

A socio -Political  group  Biafra Independent Movement, BIM, being led by Chief  Ralph Uwuazruike had chosen May 22nd as the right day for the celebration of Biafra Remembrance Day Celebration. However another pro-Biafra group, Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has dissociated self from May 22nd day.

Going down the memory lane, Nigeria-Biafra civil war broke out precisely on July 6th, 1967 and lasted till January 15th, 1970. The war was mainly fought to avoid the secession of Biafra people from  the defunct Nigeria.

Though, there were mixed suggestions to the caused of the war but it could be trace to either Northern-dominated government system  of Nigeria or greediness to enjoy 100% mutual benefit of oil dwells in Niger-Delta sub-region. Although, political logic aftermath of the war had  caused the Niger-Delta sub region recognizing itself as a non-biafra suburb as it was generally felt during the war.

MASSOB has therefore declared solemn support for Kanu’s May 30th ‘sit at home actions expected to be obeyed by all Biafra members nation. Though, it is not clear if either of the days (May 22nd or 30th) would go well with the workers of Federal Republic of Nigeria residing or who are citizens of Biafra world as it is Tuesday, a Nigerian Working day which does not tally with any recognized public holiday.

Points of Contribution are:

  •  What is the most correct date to  mark Biafra Day ?
  • Could the day be rather July 6th or January 15th ?
  • Can anyone correlates May 22nd or May 30th to Biafra events ?
  • Should the secession occur, what do you think will cost Nigeria ?



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